Transmedia Learning Games

Transmedia Learning Games

Transmedia Learning Games are social learning experiences consisting of a series of scenarios that lead players to collaboratively solve puzzles and accomplish activities. As players complete each task, the game presents new scenarios and eventually takes players through an entire storyline.

In our transmedia learning games, players do not play a fictitious character as they do in most videogames.  Instead, players play as themselves in the storyline of a game, which makes the learning experience more direct instead of indirect via an avatar or other character representation.

Transmedia learning games feature various, mixed-use media formats to deliver an engaging, realistic gameplay. Transmedia games can utilize any media format, including physical media (e.g., written memos, signs/posters, books, photos/paintings, board/card games) and digital media (e.g., email, text messages, videos, audio messages, social media posts/pages, digital games, VR/AR).

We design transmedia learning games to cover any subject matter area, from academic content (STEM, language arts, history, sciences, etc.) to organizational compliance training topics (diversity, harassment, cybersecurity, ethics, etc.).

Our transmedia game experience comes from several years working on educational alternate reality games, which are a form of transmedia.

We recently completed a one-week, educational alternate reality game called Arising From Injustice with a high school class in Barcelona, Spain about U.S. history and related humanities themes, such as citizenship, civil liberties, and discrimination.

We are currently working on a large diversity and inclusion transmedia game targeted toward Fortune 500 companies. This game feature a mobile app that immerses players through transmedia to help them learn about the impact of race on all of our lives.

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